Courage from the Ryman


The Bias is Creating Value (MAWMedia Commercial 04)

I am the first to admit that our implementation is biased. It challenges you to contribute value to YOU, the MARKET you sell to, and the COMMUNITY you create. The process is based in complex adaptive systems, but simply stated, it is Resource Management, Market Analysis, and Social Good.

Creativity, value in YOU, is the resource to manage along with time, money, relationships (with people), and information. We work with you to develop productive habits—the lifestyle of a producer. This is in directly contrast with strict consumerism.

Entrepreneurship, your channel into the MARKET, is what we analyze to identify channels, collect data, tell stories, and create value. We work with you to identify and develop your market. We help you to connect with customers creating value.

Ownership, your legacy of value to the COMMUNITY, is the good you accomplish through a both/and approach to sustainability, social responsibility, advocacy (including philanthropy), and profit-for-reinvestment (profit-sharing/livable wages). We outline opportunities for you to globalize your reach with smart, sustainable growth strategy. You scale to increase both your social good footprint and your profit.

Method, Model, and Technique (MAWMedia Commercial 03)

After a session, clients often ask how I do what I do. My success is a result of a method, a model, and a central technique. I developed each of these from a continuing practice of empirical research and integration of practice wisdom.

The method is called the COACHMethod. It is an ecological systems-based intervention model, scalable, modular, and fractal. The model is termed the CEO Leadership Model, an acronym. The C is for creativity. The E is for Entrepreneurship. The O is for Ownership. The central technique is called GamePlanning. Every client who receives coaching completes a GamePlan in our first official session.

3 Things (MAWMedia Commercial 02)

To succeed, you need 3 things identified: Passion, Product, and People.

  1. You need to know your passion and be able to activate creativity at will.
  2. You need to create a product to respond to a need in the marketplace.
  3. You need a network of people activated by your momentum to scale your reach exponentially.

Most people fail at one of more of these. Some don’t even know their passion. Others are excited about what they feel they are on earth to do, but just don’t know how to start. Still others have the passion and the plan, but are waiting on the money, the coin, the capital to put the plan into action.

Enter theMentor. The difference with a mentor as your coach is that a mentor has been where you want to go. A mentor can trace the path for you, and steer you clear of the pitfalls lurking. Isn’t it time that you connected with a mentor and received the coaching you need to succeed?

Simple Success (MAWMedia Group Commercial 01)

Success in life is really simple. Do one thing really well. I know what I’m amazing at. I’m really good at helping you succeed. The challenge for me is that nothing in your life is simple.

That’s where I come in. Truth is, life has a tons of complexity, and you have been trained to cower in the face of the overwhelming options. I will show you how to focus on the smaller set of opportunities. I will systematically walk you through the maze to your goal. Following this strategy, you can finish that novel, advance in that career, repair that relationship…you can do anything.

You tell me your goal. You show me what you have. I create the plan. I tell you the next step. You handle the next step. We proceed. As you succeed, we succeed.